Your Hair Talks,
Let It Make A Statement.

Daniel Koye

" It's not just about who you work with. it's about how you work with them."

Daniel Koye is a New Jersey based hairstylist who works in theatre, film, and television. His most recent projects include Lincoln Rhymes: Hunt for the Bone, Collector on NBC and The Family on Netflix


Smarter Choices make Faster results!

The wonderful world of wigs is another stream of revenue that you can start in your business today! You have me cheering you on to take your wig making skills no matter what level you are on to the next level!

Our Mission

Destigmatizing the world on what a wig truly is! I want to Inspire you to use wig making and copying a clients REAL hairline to help grow your business and clients loyalty to increase your profits while working smarter not harder.




Here is the book bundle to set the foundation to your wig making. Wigging Out the complete guide to wighacking and The Business Behind Wigs The not so creative side of wig making


Have all the education at a click of a button 24/7. When you start you will want to have them all! Each course breaks down the techniques to get you implementing them as soon as you learn it! No fluff, Get Started faster making the perfect wig to keep your clients coming back!

Wig Making Supplies

I took all the searching out of the way. Broke your needle? Need lace? I got you covered.



Having all the techniques to have a profitable wighacking business

Learning the tricks of working with the tools of the trade and hacking techniques to make stunning wighacking business. These techniques will help improve your speed while making you profits expand with creating a stunning product for your clients. Creating services that you can add to increase your wig tickets! And HAVE FUN LEARNING WITH me!