All Things Lace!

Here is the ultimate bundle about all things lace! You get:

+ How to Lay Lace

+ How to Cut Lace (for wearing)

+ How to Bock a Lace Wig


+ How to Pin on a Wig

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Laying the Lace

Watch how I cut off the front of a wig and then lay new lace on! I will show you every step of how I refront my wigs. 

Cutting the Lace

This is how I cut my lace so you cannot see it, the lace just melts!

Pinning on a Wig

When a wig fits your client right there is no need to glue more than a dot on the side burn. To keep wigs on you just need to pin it!

Blocking a Wig

Preserving the lace of your wigs is VITAL! This video shows you how to store your wigs when you aren’t wearing them.

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